‘Recipe book belonging to my grandmother, A N Harrison, Newby Bridge and mother M A M Fullmer, West Felton and Clifton Reynes.’ Inscription written by my grandmother, Marjorie Tingle (nee Fullmer).

Maimie is my great-grandmother on my father’s side.

Mary ‘Maimie’ Althea Maberly Harrison was born in Liverpool in 1867. Her parents were James Harrison, a barrister and magistrate and Althea Nona Maberly, a vicar’s daughter. She was the oldest of five children.

In 1897, Maimie married Christopher Fullmer in St Mary’s Church, Staveley-in-Cartmel. Christopher was a curate in West Shropshire. His father was also in the church, having been ordained late in life, as were his two brothers. In 1901, Christopher became rector of St Mary the Virgin in Clifton Reynes, Buckinghamshire, where they were to live for the rest of their lives.

The couple had three girls: Joyce, Cecily and Marjorie (my grandmother). Maimie died at The Rectory, Clifton Reynes in 1937, aged 70, after a long period of illness. Her husband Christopher died in 1945.

Maimie’s recipe book is shared with her mother. It is difficult to tell where Althea’s recipes end and Maimie’s begin, although several recipes were certainly written after Althea’s death in 1905.